Be inspired by the emotion that each portrait produces in you.

I have always been a camera bug since the days of the cheap point and shoot cameras that you could purchase for five dollars. Even with this type of camera, I always had an eye out to find something to photograph. I always had a camera with me. To this day I still maintain the practice of having a camera with me at all times. I never want to miss the opportunity to capture an event, a landscape, or a person of interest. These moments only happen once and if you do not have the tools to capture that image it will be lost forever. What a tragic thing that would be: A missed expression, a look that tells all, an event that can not repeat itself, or an old barn that catches my eye when I’m driving around the country.

My first love will always be portrait photography. I love capturing expressive faces that tells the story of who I am in the picture. I love to shoot close up shots of the face which I find beautiful. Everybody has that quality of beauty and is expressed in their face. I love the close interactions with my clients because I am totally a people person.

I love to devote all the time to my clients that is needed to complete the sitting without having the client feels that they are being rushed. I have a quote that I use with most of my clients, “If the session is not fun, then it is not a success”.

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