In today’s fast-paced society, we embrace the latest technology and the latest inventions to bring comfort and lessen our workload.  We conduct our live’s as if we are on a treadmill racing to get to the finish line.  We so often fail to see the beauty around us in nature and in our families.  We are always in a hurry and miss much of what is in our surroundings.  Slow down, turn off the television, the computer, and the cell phones and absorb the sounds, smells, and the sights around us.  You will find the peace that all of us seek.

I have a passion for old barns and during my peaceful times, I drive around the countryside looking for old barns to photograph.  I love the variety of different structures and the history that each barn has.  I imagine the generations of farm families, who worked these farms and the barn was one of the most used buildings on their land.  An old barn has a beauty of its own.  When you sit and study these old structures, you can imagine it new and beautiful, but as the barn ages, it takes on a new beauty.  So enjoy these old barns before they are finally claimed by the elements and are no more.