In today’s digital world, people find it hard to justify the cost of photo sessions.  Most people think that with today’s technology it is a matter of point and shoot, download to a computer and publish the file by printing on a printer.  This is all well and good if, in fact, that was the way things are done.  Professional photographers have a great investment in equipment, cost of studio space, utilities, insurance, and a great deal of time in the editing process.

The main thing that you are paying for is the knowledge base that the photographer has and the expert skill that he has cultivated through years of education and practice.  In many cases, the client presents a situation where the photographer has only one chance to capture the shot and preserve the memory of that moment.  This is especially true in Wedding Photography where the photographer has one chance to capture the moment.

I am passionate about providing quality work at a fair price based on these criteria.  I strive to provide expert work preserving the history of your family and your life events.